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SEED Workshop'20

Thursday: 11:00 - 14:00 (EDT, GMT-4)

June 25 - August 20

Objective: The objective of the SEED workshops is to provide training to the instructors who are interested in using SEED labs in their courses. During the workshops, instructors will work on the SEED labs that they are interested in, with the help from us. We will also share with the instructors our experience in using these SEED labs.

When: We will spread the workshop across two months, holding one session each week. Each session lasts 3 hours, and typically cover two SEED labs. Participants can freely pick which sessions to attend based on their interests.

How to participate: This workshop will be held online, using Zoom. The workshop will not be recorded. Application is required, but the workshop is free. Please use this form to apply. Although the workshop has already started, we will continue taking new applications.

Eligibility: Because we will give out the answers to the SEED labs, this workshop is only for professors. Professors who want to bring TAs or RAs to the workshop can include their names in the application.

Install the SEED VM: Please make sure you install the SEEDUbuntu 16.04 VM before the workshop starts. Get the VM from this link, which also contains the user manual.

Workshop Schedule

Supporting Materials:

SEED Labs Date Book
Session 1. SEED Introduction and Buffer-Overflow Attacks June 25 4, 5
Session 2. Web Security July 2 10, 11
Session 3. Meltdown & Specture Attacks July 9 13, 14
Session 4. Packet Sniffing and Spoofing July 16 12
Session 5. TCP Attacks July 23 16
Session 6. DNS Attacks July 30 18
Session 7. Public-Key Cryptography August 6 24, 25
Session 8. One-Way Hash Function August 13 22
Session 9. Virtual Private Network (VPN) August 20 19
Session 10. Race Condition + DNS Labs August 27 7, 8, 18