Virtual Machine Software (VirtualBox)

Install the free VirtualBox. We recommend Version 6.0.4 (please stay away from the newer versions, as they still have some issues with our VM). Although our instructions are only for VirtualBox, the pre-built VM images can also run on VMWare.

Pre-built Virtual Machine Images (Ubuntu)

All the SEED labs should be conducted in our pre-built virtual machine image, because we have installed all the necessary tools, software, and libraries that are needed by the SEED labs. Students just need to download the VM, and run it using VirtualBox (or VMWare).

  • (New) This VM was built in June 2019. We have made some small changes based on the 2018-May version.
    • Download the image from one of the following servers:
    • Unzip and you should be able to see a folder that contains the VM files.
      • Follow this document to run and configure the VM on VirtualBox.
      • You will be logged into an account called seed, and its password is dees (the reverse order of seed).
  • This VM was built in May 2018.
  • This VM is built was Jaunary 2016; it will be gradually phased out.
    • Download the image from the following server (the MD5 checksum of the file is 6ec9c429a2f4a9163530ada20f0621dc):
    • User Manual: includes the account and password information, list of software and servers installed, and configuration.
    • VM Customization: Some labs require multiple VMs; to help you easily identify which VMs you are in, you can do some simple customization. You need to download this file ( as well