Instructor Manuals

For most of the labs, we have lab manuals that are only for instructors. These manuals come from students' reports; they describe in detail how each lab task is carried out. The manuals can help instructors prepare their labs. To prevent the manuals from falling into students' hands, we only provide the instructor manuals to instructors, and only hardcopies are provided.
  • To get a copy of the manuals, please send an email to with your physical mail address (including a telephone number for international address), and we will send a hardcopy of the manuals to you.
  • Please also provide evidence to show that you are an instructor (e.g., you department's official web page that lists your name, or an email from your department chair, etc.).
  • Cost: Until August 2019, our grant has been covering the printing and mailing cost of the manual. The grant has now run out, so we expect the recipient to cover the cost. The printing cost is $7, while the mailing cost within the US is about $5; international mailing costs vary, but they are typically from $10 to $15. Let me know if you prefer expedited mail options, which usually cost $20 more). The payment is through Paypal (you can use your credit cards, and no Paypal account is required if you don't have one).
Note: Since my book was published, this instructor manual has become less and less critical. The manual only shows step-by-step procedures on how to conduct each lab task, while the book uses the SEED lab activity to explain the principles, so readers can understand the reason behind each step. It may not show every step, but it does show all the essential steps, along with some of the common mistakes that students may make. Moreover, the book also covers needed background information, while the manual does not. I do strongly suggest instructors to use the book, instead of the instructor manual when preparing for each lab. The instructor manual was written mostly by students, while the book was written by me.