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Instructor Manuals (SEED Labs 2.0)

Most of the instructions are already provided in the SEED book. To avoid offering the lab solutions in the book, I intentionally made the book content different from the solutions (if I can). To make up for the differences, I created some supplement materials, which are called "instructor manuals". They are not standalone, and should be used together with the SEED book.

If you are interested in the lab manuals (e-copy), please send an email to me (wedu@syr.edu) with the following information:

  • Evidence showing that you are an instructor (e.g., department's official web page that shows your name, or an email from your department chair, etc.). Request should be sent out from your official email address.
  • The institute that you are working for (including the name, city, and country).
  • The list of the SEED labs that you would like to get the manuals for. Please specify the names of these labs (not the category, not "all"). The total number of labs you can ask for is limited to 15. If more are requested, course syllabi are required to justify the needs. The reason for setting this limit is to reduce the risk, and I am applying the need-to-know security principle. You can send more requests in the future if your needs change, but the frequency of the request is limited to one per semester.
  • Your names and your institute's information will be watermarked inside the manual to provide tracing information in case the manual somehow appears on the Internet. You have a responsibility to keep the manual to yourself and safe.

Note 1. The manuals will be constantly updated, so please only focus on the manuals that you will be using within a one-year window.

Note 2. If you want to depend on the manual to decide which labs you want to use, I recommend that you use the book to make that decision, as most of the labs are covered in my book, and the book provides much more information than the manual. That gives you enough information to make a decision.

Note 3 (regarding the older version). We have stopped sending out the manuals for the labs based on Ubuntu 16.04. If you are using that version, the manuals for the new version should be applicable in most of the cases. The book is still based on Ubuntu 16.04.