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SEED Workshop 2022

2022 Workshop (May 20 - August 15)

Since there has not been much change to the SEED labs, we use the videos recorded from last summer for this workshop. You can watch them on your own pace. The access to the workshop videos will be closed on August 15th, 2022.

If you are interested in attending this asynchronous workshop, please fill out the application form, and we will send you the links to all the files. The materials contain the solutions to the SEED labs, so the workshop is for instructors only (proof is required).

Our Missions (see our brochure)

We provide customized training workshop (called SEED workshop) to help participants improve their hands-on skills in cybersecurity and learn how to do actual attacks (in a contained environment) and defenses. We serve various types of customers, including educational institutes, government agencies, and companies:

  • For instructors: Learning by doing is proven to be effective in education. Many instructors in cybersecurity can teach theories quite well, but they often lack practical skills, and therefore have difficulties in incorporating hands-on activities in their courses. Gaining hands-on skills take time, but our workshop can help expedite this process. After attending our workshop, many instructors have gained enough experience so they feel very comfortable incorporating hands-on labs in their courses.
  • For software developers: Many security problems in the cyberspace are caused by mistakes made by developers, due to their lack of knowledge and hands-on experiences in security. Through an intense bootcamp-style training, they can significantly improve their practical knowledge and hands-on skills.
  • For people working in IT-related fields: To be able to perform actual attacks (in a contained environment) can help people in the IT-related fields better understand how networks and computer systems can be attacked. The first-hand experience and the deeper understanding of the various attacks can help them develop better protections.

What We Offer

SEED Workshops

We offer workshops/bootcamps. The duration of the workshop can be from 20 to 40 hours, with the contents being customizable based on customers' needs. The training will be mostly based on our popular SEED labs, but essential background knowledge will also be covered. During the workshop, we will work on two labs in every 3-hour session. For a 30-hour workshop, we will be able to do 20 or so SEED labs, covering a wide spectrum of the attacks, defense, and security principles. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will be held online using Zoom, and the program can be spread out into a longer period, such as 3 hours per week for 10 weeks.

Past Workshops

Contact Us

If your organization (university, government, company) is interested in our SEED workshop, please contact us.

    Kevin Du (Founder and CEO)
    Email: wedu@syr.edu