The objective of this lab is two-fold: (1) demonstrate how the DNS rebinding attack works, and (2) help students gain the first-hand experience on how to use the DNS rebinding technique to attack IoT devices. In the setup, we have a simulated IoT device (a thermostat), which can be controlled through a web interface (this is typical for many IoT devices). Many IoT devices do not have a strong protection mechanism, if attackers can directly interact with them, they can easily compromise these devices. However, due to firewalls and browser's sandbox protection, it is difficult for attackers to interact with the IoT servers. The goal of the attack in this lab is to use the DNS rebinding technique to circumvent these protections, so attackers can set the temperature value of the thermostat to a dangerously high value.

Lab Tasks

  • VM version: This lab has been tested on our pre-built SEEDUbuntu16.04 VM.

Recommended Time

  • Supervised situation (e.g. a closely-guided lab session):
  • Unsupervised situation (e.g. take-home project):

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Suggested Reading

  • SEED Book by Wenliang Du (Book website) (Chinese version)


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