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Participant Feedbacks

In our past workshops, we asked participants at the end of the workshop what the most valuable about the workshop was, and here are some of the selected responses.

  • Working through the labs under the guidance of the instructor, and getting help with any issues, debugging etc. having an option of watching some of the material on udemy and having the textbook had greatly helped during workshops
  • It's a shortcut to grasp the lab concepts faster and get a general overview on the course contents. Also for each lab, there has been a lot of though, effort and trials, which we don't need to go over again. We save that time and can focus on the most appropriate way to educate. I greatly appreciate the workshop organizer. Also I appreciate that the professor and assistants were very welcoming to share all information and very patient while answering questions and fixing errors. It was a great relief in a such heavy loaded and condensed workshop.
  • Intensive hands-on, all the codes are ready and workout fine; I could imagine the great efforts from the workshop team trying to get all these into work.
  • To me who teaches in a liberal arts college, this workshop is extremely helpful in terms that it allows me to develop better understanding on those security problems at both hands-on level and theoretical level within the time constraint. Dr. Du lead the workshop himself and had a big team of student assistants there to help all of us. The topics provided by the workshop are both representative and timely, which is great for me who is going to teach an Introduction to Computer Security course first time this fall. I learned a lot everyday in this focused and intensive workshop. The workshop, Dr. Du and his team are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  • To me, the most valuable about the workshop is getting familiar with many SEED labs in a short period of time, making mistakes during lab and figuring them out with help available if needed, helping others in the workshop.
  • Prof Du has developed an excellent program that makes incorporating new labs into the classroom seamless.
  • Everything we went through was valuable. Since I am interested in Blockchain recently, that part was the most valuable for my current research interest.
  • Seeing in action how hands-on experience can be employed in a computer security class. It's certainly very stimulating for students and Kevin implements it perfectly.
  • The hands on approach and the answers files and book. This was a fantastic workshop, and it was worth every second of my time and more! I wish I could do it every year with new labs :-)
  • It provides a unique opportunity to learn the all the security labs that we can quickly incorporate in our security courses (4 at least) to various levels. It helps students tremendously. Thank you a lot for organizing this incredible workshop.
  • The pace was excellent. It allowed us to cover so much material and gain a great understanding of the material and how it's organized so we can use them at home.
  • If I would try to do labs by myself it would take more than a month with much less understanding. Now I fell much more comfortable.
  • Exposure to so many different labs that we can incorporate into our own curriculums. We may not have had the time to truly absorb all that we were learning, but you have provided us with pointers and background materials that we can take home and digest at a slower pace. So inundating our brains with so much now - while it may be hitting a buffer overflow condition in our own brains - will certainly provided us with a lot of material that we can pull from at our own pace. I also truly appreciated interacting and networking with other cyber educators and made some great contacts to continue collaborating with. THANK YOU!
  • This was one of the best workshops I ever attended. Today I will be using one of the labs for a workshop with High School visiting students. Great job!! Thanks for the opportunity to attend!!! Keep it up!!!
  • The most valuable about the workshop is the experience of working through the labs ourselves with expert guidance.
  • The information and the hands on labs. Also, the student assistants during the labs. I would not have survived without the student help. Dr. Du is an outstanding presenter. He is thoughtful in his presentations and able to explain what the lab is before asking the attendees to work on the lab. This workshop was well planned and executed and I appreciate all of the time and work that went into this workshop. All of the presenters were knowledgeable and helpful during the labs. Thank you so much for your time and reaching out to the IT community to share your experiences.
  • Dr Du was exceptional in delivering the workshop lectures. His efforts all throughout the workshop were amazing. I appreciate him and the student team for conducting this workshop and making it a success. I want to specifically thank Hanyi "Hay" for helping me out in every lab session. He was fantastic all throughout the workshop. I have really enjoyed this workshop and I will propagate the learnings to my University.
  • I was impressed by Mr. Du (Kevin) humbleness, his passion and the project he has put together it is admirable. All of the staff was very courteous and helpfull. The whole purpose of this labs and their representation are outstanding and other of the most valuable is that one get to interact with other colleagues from different places that makes this experience a unique one and gives a real description of what social networking is. I am very gratefull and appreciate very much the opportunity given, count on me always!