New: 2021 SEED Workshop (June - August)

We will offer a free online training workshop this summer (for instructors only). It is expected to last 11 weeks (3 hours per week) from June to August. See this page for detailed information and registration instruction. The workshop will be using the SEED Labs 2.0.


We have developed over 30 labs that cover a wide range of topics in computer and information security, including software security, network security, web security, operating system security and mobile app security. More labs are currently being developed.

SEED Books

I have written a textbook based on the SEED labs and my 18 years of teaching experience. The book takes a hands-on approach: for each security principle, specially designed activities are used to help explain the principle. The book is available on Amazon.

SEED Lectures

I have recorded 32 hours of lecture videos based on the SEED labs and the SEED book. They are available on Udemy as two courses, covering 22 SEED labs and 17 chapters, with a lot of hands-on demonstration. More lectures are being recorded, so stay tuned.

SEED Workshops

Since 2015, we hold two SEED Workshops every summer to provide hands-on training to the instructors around the world. We will continue this traidition in 2021 (online and free). Click the following button for more information.

News & Events

Open source
The SEED project is now fully open sourced:

Labs published in 2020
  -- Shellcode lab
  -- TLS lab
  -- IP attacks lab
  -- VPN tunneling lab.

Sep 15, 2020
Findings from our summer online SEED workshop.

May 18, 2020
The Chinese version of my book is published.

Dec 15-19, 2019
Successfully hold a 5-day SEED workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.