Easy Lab Setup

Students just need to download our pre-built virtual machine image to their personal computers or run it from a cloud. There is no need for a physical lab space or dedicated computers. All the software we use for the lab environment setup is open-source and free.

30+ SEED Labs

We have developed over 30 labs that cover a wide range of topics in computer and information security, including software security, network security, web security, operating system security and mobile app security. More labs are currently being developed.

SEED Workshops

We have held 11 faculty training workshops in the past, but our funds have already ended. If your organization is interested in sponsoring a training workshop for the faculties in your local community or country, we will be glad to come and deliver such a program.

SEED Books

I have written a textbook based on the SEED labs and my 18 years of teaching experience. The book takes a hands-on approach: for each security principle, specially designed activities are used to help explain the principle. The book is available on Amazon.

News & Events

Dec 15-19, 2019
Will hold a 5-day SEED workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

May 8, 2018
We have officially released the Ubuntu16.04 VM. All SEED labs have been ported to this new VM.

New Labs (2018)
- Meltdown Attack Lab
- Spectre Attack Lab
- MD5 Collision Attack Lab
- RSA Lab
Instructor manuals can be sent upon request (instructors only).