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Format-String Vulnerability Lab


The learning objective of this lab is for students to gain the first-hand experience on format-string vulnerability by putting what they have learned about the vulnerability from class into actions. The format-string vulnerability is caused by code like printf(user_input), where the contents of variable of user_input is provided by users. When this program is running with privileges (e.g., Set-UID program or server program), this printf statement becomes dangerous, because it can lead to one of the following consequences: (1) crash the program, (2) read from an arbitrary memory place, and (3) modify the values of in an arbitrary memory place. The last consequence is very dangerous because it can allow users to modify internal variables of a privileged program, and thus change the behavior of the program.

In this lab, students will be given two containers, each running a server program that has a format-string vulnerability. Their job is to develop schemes to exploit the vulnerability on these servers, and eventually gain a root shell on them.

Tasks (English) (Spanish)

Time (Suggested)

  • Supervised (closely-guided lab session): 3 hours
  • Unsupervised (take-home project): 1 week

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