The objective of this lab is for students to gain the first-hand experience on various attacks at the IP layer. Some of the attacks may not work anymore, but their underlying techniques are quite generic, and it is important for students to learn these attacking techniques, so when they design or analyze network protocols, they are aware of what attackers can do to protocols. Moreover, due to the complexity of IP fragmentation, spoofing fragmented IP packets is non-trivial. Constructing spoofed IP fragments is a good practice for students to hone their packet spoofing skills, which are essential in network security. We will use Scapy to conduct packet spoofing.

Lab Tasks

  • VM version: This lab has been tested on our pre-built SEEDUbuntu16.04 VM.

Recommended Time

  • Supervised situation (e.g. a closely-guided lab session):
  • Unsupervised situation (e.g. take-home project):

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